Lambda Bridge Pool Ownership Disclosure

The background of the establishment of Lambda Bridge Pool

With the end of the EOS crowdsale the EOS community’s attention has shifted from acquiring tokens to launching the mainnet, maintaining and developing the EOS ecosystem.

Block one and BM, for a variety of reasons, took a decentralized attitude and gave the community more power to plan, launch and operate the EOS Mainnet. This has provided a level of uncertainty initially but a fantastic opportunity for members of the community to form block producers that share EOS values, have technical know how and resource strength to launch and maintain the mainnet collectively. Those who have community support and the recognition of the public have the most responsibilities as active BP’s. Block Producers are a vital part of the EOS community and ecosystem.

Lambda Bridge Pool core members have long been focused on the block chain industry and have built a wealth of industry experience and resources. From our perspective, the blockchain industry after 10 years of development is slowly transitioning from being solely concerned about use for digital currency transactions, ICOs and speculation to using blockchain technology to provide true and viable commercial applications. EOS is the key to this great shift and we expect it to provide the real world use that other blockchains promised

Based on this belief we initiated the establishment of Lambda Bridge Pool. We could not miss out on the opportunity to be part of this blockchain experiment and its implementation of the values we share. We also knew that we have the experience and resources to contribute to the EOS ecosystem.

2.The core values of Lambda Bridge Pool

Lambda Bridge Pool follows the following core values:

(1) Open and inclusive.

We have our own independent values to judge, but we do not want an ideological war. We uphold the concept of community values cohesion, the choice of like-minded members and communities to work together to win.

We maintain open communication and dialectical discussion with other communities, even with differing values, because the spirit of EOS is open source autonomy, and even the group that BM thinks values are inconsistent can open new chains and compete.

We believe that true justice and value stand out in the open and inclusive, and EOS will grow in the debate, collision and integration of different values.

(2) service, diligence.

We believe the BP is not the ruler of the EOS kingdom but the night watchman. So our positioning is very clear to serve the EOS ecosystem, the EOS community, the bearer, and the EOS user.

We will never be above the community and the bearer, always reminding ourselves of our service identity and being humble and vigilant.

We feel our responsibility as a BP is to uphold the principle of due diligence, maintain a high sense of responsibility for the EOS block production, community management, ecological construction and continue to contribute to the strength of EOS.

(3) Professional and impartial.

Lambda Bridge Pool will maintain a high level of focus on EOS technology, ecology, community, and DApp, maintain and enhance professionalism in the fields of technical operation, legal governance, ecological philosophy, commercial applications, and maintain the professional image and credibility of Block Producers.

At the same time, in view of the community on bribery, arbitration, governance and other issues of concern and talk about, we will always maintain independence and impartiality, we will not abuse the power of BP, we will actively monitor the behavior of other BPs to maintain a professional and impartial BP community image.

3.Ownership of Lambda Bridge Pool

Lambda Bridge Pool is initiated and owned by independent individuals and institutions.

Lambda Bridge Pool is currently not registered as a commercial entity in China on the grounds that:

(1) The operation of BP does not currently require this.

(2) Meet the block chain and EOS distribution of autonomous spirit of conformity

(3) BP’s hardware and software costs, at present by the founders voluntarily at their own expense, no need commercial financing and other acts therefor reducing the possibilities to be controlled.

4.Lock Period

We believe that EOS will be a long-term development process, thus taking a regular approach similar to the traditional shareholding lock to ensure that the Lambda Bridge Pool all people can focus on the cause for a long time. Ownership of all members will be unlocked in 4 years.

The first year unlocks 1/4, subsequent monthly unlocks the remaining part of the 1/36.

5.The expectation of EOS is that it will be the first large-scale trans-regional, cross-language, trans-ethnic, and trans-social system of community autonomy experiments in human history. The absolute decentralization and openness contained in the governance style of the Soul man BM was never seen before. We are honored to be part of this experiment and to play the important role of BP. We will do everything that we can do to promote the development of EOS to free, non-violent, ethical and autonomous Communities.

We hope that EOS not only will realize large-scale commercial application, positively transform society, but also provide open development and use by non-violent communities and change the governance structure of human society.

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