Lambda Whitelist instruction

Dear Lambda Community,


We open whitelist officially for public sale to our community from 15th August to 5th September.

At mean time, we will REWARD 20 LAMBs for signing up on our website.


Let’s see the guide to participate Lambda’s whitelisting.


Please ensure you have these documents for filling the whitelist.

  • Passport number
  • An image of your passport

If you have everything ready, you can proceed with following steps. Remember, EVERY STEP WILL BE DONE via Lambda Website ONLY (https://

Here are steps on how to participate our whitelist.


Step 1: Sign in/ Registration

Please fill out your email address and your password.

Kindly reminder that Google Chrome and Firefox browse the site better.


Step 2: Email Verification

You will receive the email and click to activate your account.


Step 3: Receive Reward

You will receive 20 LAMBs on your account in early September.


Step 4: Know Your Customer (KYC)

Fill out all the relevant information to prove your identity. Make sure all information is 100% accurate (including ensuring your entered name matches the name on your passport).

Failure to do so may cause your KYC application fails, we will not consider your application.




Select your nationality

(Please make sure you are not a resident / citizen of United States, People’s Republic of China and Singapore)


  • Upload a copy of your passport. Ensure the image is clear as possible.

Sample image of your passport image

  • Selfie with the proof is not mandatory on whitelisting process.


  • Please enter the amount of ETH to invest in Lambda.
  • Our caps for each person is between 0.1 ETH to 5 ETH .


Please double check your ETH address.

Upon a successful KYC, the Smart Contract system will transact the right amount of ETH from your wallet to Lambda, with the equivalent amount of ERC 20-based LAMB into your wallet.

Do not use an exchange wallet or smart contract address.



Click the “Submit” and you are done!

Do NOT forget to click on this after having completed all the other parts.


You will see the pop-up window that we have received your submission.

We will review your application within three weeks and send email to you for the whitelisting status.

Go Whitelist


🔹 Official website:
🔹Telegram Community :
🔹White Paper :

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