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Lambda is a fast, safe, and scalable blockchain infrastructure project, which provides decentralized applications (DAPPs) data storage capabilities with unlimited scalability and fulfills services such as multi-chain data co-storage, cross-chain data management, data privacy protection, Proof of Recoverability of data (POR), Provable Data Possession (PDP), and distributed intelligent computing through logic decoupling and independent implementation of Lambda Chain and Lambda DB.

What is your project type? Is this a Protocol, Infrastructure or a Platform?

Lambda is a blockchain infrastructure project.

What is your project current competitor in the market now?( can we remove this question)

We dont believe in any type of competitions. we would like to think that Lambda and Filecoin are like classmates trying to address the same question with different approaches.

What makes your project advantages than other competitors?

We use Lambda Chain’s homogeneous multi-chain structure design to randomly select a set of verifier nodes to check the integrity of the data when we read it. Through separate validation of multiple verification nodes and Byzantine Fault Intolerance (BFT) consensus, we can complete Proof of Recoverability of data (POR) verification and Provable of Data Possession (PDP), which is our advantage over IPFS. IPFS currently has no mature chain design and complete data storage proof mechanism. In the FileCoin white paper, the proof of storage of data is simply described as Proof-of-Replication and Proof-of-Spacetime, but no specific implementation method is given. We have reason to believe that, due to the limitation of the blockchain technology at the time of preparation of the IPFS white paper, IPFS cannot use chain nodes to verify the integrity of data, and at the same time, it is unable to allow the client side to verify the integrity of data. Therefore, the FileCoin white paper only gives ambiguity explanation on its ability to support the important data integrity requirement.

In addition, our project advantages can be demonstrated by the following,

– Our innovative design includes the separation of blockchain and storage chain

– We have addressed the challenge of Provable Data Possession (PDP), with a perfect integration with blockchain.

– Our solution can support high throughput data storage and retrieval by leveraging Sharding technology, which provides possibilities for future DAPP application scenarios.

– By leveraging the subchain technology and cooperating with open source community, we will be able to offer an ecosystem platform with data collection, storage, computing, exchange capabilities in addition to the core block file storage capability.

What is your project token type? ERC20 ?

After our main chain online, LAMB token will the native digital currency of our main network. Before that, our Token is based on ERC20.

When is the target date for an ICO?

We are currently in private sales to qualified institutional investors only. An ICO is in planning with target launch in Q3.

Who are your current investors?

We have secured support from reputable funds focusing on blockchain investment, including Dfund, Zhen Fund, Funcity Capital, Metropolis VC, Sparkling Star Capital, etc. We continue in active discussion with selected blockchain funds in US and Asia which can support our growth by leveraging their strategic resources.

What is your project total tokens?

10 billion LAMB tokens

What is your project vesting period for team and advisor?

3 years vesting for the project team

Do your project got Prototype/MVP/working product?

Yes, we have MVP

Can I have more details about roadmap?

Please refer to details in section IV Technology Roadmap of our whitepaper (

Can I have more details about the team?

Our core team consists of serial entrepreneur in infrastructure software, avid open source community contributors, and seasoned digital marketing professionals. Please refer to details in section VI Core Team of our whitepaper (

Where did the company register? What did you do in compliance?

The foundation is registered in Singapore, we have corresponding and compliant regulations in accordance with local laws and relevant regional policies, and there is also an internal compliance team to review, because the policies of various countries and regions are subject to change, and there may be regulatory compliance. so we may be subject to regulatory compliance adjustments.

What is the use of Lamb Token?

Lamb is a Utility token in the Lambda ecosystem and is mainly used in the following areas:

  • Use Lamb Tokens for Lambda Eco services
  • A certain amount of tokens need to be pledged when providing storage services in the system.
  • As a verifier node in the system, a certain number of tokens need to be pledged.
  • The verification node can receive a certain number of tokens as a bookkeeping bonus.
  • The storage node receives a certain amount of tokens according to the storage capacity and the SLA of the service.
  • The other roles involved in the Lambda ecosystem also receive a certain amount of tokens based on their contribution.

What is the difference between Lambda and IPFS?

IPFS is a distributed file system. FileCoin is the billing system for this set of file systems. In fact, it is relatively simple to explain. The proof of ownership of any data can be abstracted as a challenging process for both parties. The same is true regardless of the usage scenario of BlockChain. In general, it is the challenger who initiates the challenge, the storage side generates Proof, and then challenge the process of verification. At the time of the first version of the FileCoin white paper, only the Client could challenge due to the inherent risks of the design of the chain, and the Client challenge approach, due to the lack of a consensus mechanism, can only be used to implement a network disk such as Sia and cannot be used for Storage

Therefore, for FileCoin, since neither the chain node nor the Client can initiate a challenge, the storage node can only prove its own time and space for the data held by itself. Therefore, FileCoin’s consensus, consistency, validity, and data integrity are tightly coupled implementations.

In what way does Lambda surpass FileCoin?

FileCoin now has no code, it has been pushing from the middle of the year to the end of the year and is said to take much longer.

You cant compare code with FileCoin without its source code. we built a lab together with Beijing Institute of Technology. The team also has a lot of blockchain and also distributed storage experts. Moreover, FileCoin has been skipping for so long. At present, no matter whether the benchmark or the plan is better than them, please believe that our team has the technical strength and always pay attention to our project progress.

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